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Documenting the RS6

This is a collection of factory issued service manuals and originally issued documents related to the driving and upkeep of the RS6. These can be dowloaded below as PDFs. This section will be added to over time, and eventually be an extensive repository of RS6 information. The RS6 with it's level of complex engineering can have some serious problems that happen over time; some just a standard automotive repair, others being costly for parts, and requiring the removal of the engine and transmission. The more information an owner of the RS6 knows, the better, and a thorough investigation of the common issues can really help to keep the repair time and overall expenses down.

Transmission Overview & Manual

Here is the transmission overview PDF for the ZF 5HP24A. Most importantly documenting the correct fluid fill procedure. This factory document has just about all you will need to fully service your transmission. OEM parts are highly recommended for the filter and parts. OEM fluid is good and has performed well, and there are aftermarket makers such as Shaeffer and Amsoil that also make a quality fluid.

ZF-5HP24A PDF 250KB (right click here to download)

RS6 Design & Engineering

This has to be one of my favorite documents aobut the RS6. This overview of the primary functions of the RS6 goes into great detail to explain just how much engineering and design was put into this car. Included are some great details of the cooling system, transmission, intercoolers, suspension, electronics, and the Cosworth engine. Detailed illustrations add a nice touch to the document, turning it into a technical user guide and promotional brochure all in one.

RS6 Self Study Program PDF 7MB (right click here to download)

Technical Service Bulletin - Engine Oil

This is document is an outline of the many engine oils that are compatible; along with their specifications. Following these specifications and changing oil at the correct interval with an OEM filter will keep the engine running at peak strength.

TSB Engine Oil PDF 250KB (right click here to download)

Quick Reference Owners Guide

This is a handy guide that quickly reviews the important features about everyday operation. Basic functions such as key use, power seat adjustment, and sunroof controls are shown. There is a nice detailed chart of all dash notification lights just in case. All cabin settings and driving controls are also outlined for user safety and control.

Quick Reference Guide 358KB (right click here to download)

Standard Equipment & Options

Here is a basic overview of the standard operating equipment and factory options. There is also a list of all technical specifications. The amount of items and options on this document shows just how much went into building the RS6 for luxury, speed, handling, and safety.

Equipment and Options PDF 61KB (right click here to download)

Dedicated to the 2003 Audi C5 RS6

The "RS" initials are taken from the German, RennSport; literally translated as "racing sport".